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Accomplish what others said you couldn't. Do what others say can't be done. Be the best you, you can be!


We have been serving the community here in Fleming Island for years, providing top-notch training and education to equip each student with the skills and confidence needed to become the best.

Teaching Martial Arts is what we do! A lot of places teach a bunch of different things well, we teach one thing great!

Our focus is on teaching, being helpful, having fun, and providing an amazing atmosphere. Honestly, we have a great thing going on here and we love it!

We want everyone to learn from the best Martial Arts schools in the area, and to ensure your experience is the absolute best possible.

The better your technique, leverage, and tools are the more successful you will be in defending yourself and winning, even if they are bigger and stronger than you!

Qualified Instructors

Our instructors have over a decade of experience in martial arts. We are here to help develop a better, more improved, version of yourself!

Individual Approach

Every student of Martinez Martial Arts gets a personalized approach to their training and development.

Modern Equipment

We respect all of our students and let them train and learn at their own pace. Regardless of your age or experience, we are with you every step of the way.

Kids Classes

Meet Your Instructor


Dawn Bishop-Wulf

Caitlin Considine

Robin Taylor